The Team

Staff 2019/2020


Annette Jerram  - Co-owner and Early Years Professionals   

Julie Kent - Co-owner and Early Years Professionals 

Cleo Jerram -  Preschool Manager and Degree Level 5           

Angela Goddard - Deputy Manager and HNC Level 5

Esme Woodward - Early Years Practitioners Level 3      

Samantha Welch - Early Years Practitioners Level 3 

Sasha Millar - Early Years Practitioner in training

Jo Hunt - Early Years Practitioners Level 3

Caroline Kaneen - Administrator/Forest School Leader Level 3

We also have Early Years students from New College, Swindon on long term placements and work experience students from St John's Marlborough.




Key Person
A key person system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for a small group of children. The key person will work with a child's family to ensure the child is happy and settled in the group, and will keep a watchful eye on the child during the first few weeks. She will plan with parents / carers and share information on a child's development and progress. 

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