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Daily Routines


Your child will follow the same routine each day. This has been planned to ensure they have experience of free play, small group work and being part of a larger group.  We encourage all children to access our nursery environment independently and make choices; we talk to them about what they are doing, extending their experiences and knowledge and developing new skills.


7.45 - 8.35     Breakfast Club

8.35 - 9.00     Early Bird Club

9.00 - 12.10   Play, learning and exploration - to include inside and

                          outside play, child initiated and adult-led activities, snack                                    

                          preparation and serving

12.00 - 12.10 Tidy-up time

12.10 - 12.20 Group story time followed by circle time

12.20 - 1.00   Lunch time

1.00 - 1.10     Welcome, registration and planning

1.10 - 2.40     Play and learning including inside and outside and snack

2.40 - 2.50     Tidy up time

2.50 - 3.00     Story time, songs and rhymes, goodbyes and home time.

We are aware that young children are individuals, motivated and inspired by different interests and influences.  They develop and learn at different rates and with different stles of learning.  The home learning environment is of paramount importance in helping children to develop and learn.


In order to become a reader your child will need to: 


Know and understand:

  • How to handle books

  • The fact that print conveys meaning

  • Print appears in different places e.g. books, signs, computers, packaging


Have the skills to:

  • Handle and use books

  • Behave as a reader

  • Retell stories

  • Predict what may happen

  • Recognise letters and sounds

  • Listen to stories


Have the attitude that enables them to:

  • Feel confident as a readerr

  • Be interested in books

  • Concentrate

  • Be curious about print around them





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